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if { then } else { do } - available now

it is widely held that art is the manifestation of creative expression.
we agree that the motive power behind art is creative expression.

we assert that to express oneself, creatively or otherwise, is an attempt to communicate.
to express oneself in a vacuum, creatively or otherwise, would be futile and a waste of motive power.
thus, we assert that it is widely held that art is a form of communication.

however, we also assert that it is widely held
- that because the motive power of the artist cannot be known to the audience,
- that because the author's intent cannot be completely in the mind of the audience,
a full and complete communication between artist and audience is impossible.
an author can put out before an audience their manifestation of expression
but they are impotent to ensure that their intent is known
and thus unable to ensure that which they intend to communicate will be heard.
conversely, an audience can experience a work of art and know it as a manifestation of expression
but they are impotent to know the intent of that expression
and thus are unable to ensure that they hear the intent of the communication.

we assert that if this second widely held view is true, then the first widely held view is, in fact, impossible.
that if this is true then it stands as the complete impediment to expression of any kind.
art offered into the world with the assumption that it cannot properly communicate itself
is, in fact, not art,
because it is, in fact, not communication -- not creative expression.
it is rubbish.

we are two beings -- separate beings with separate motive powers and intentions.
through our combined efforts to express ourselves completely and to hear one another completely,
through the collaborative creation of this work we have discovered that it is, in fact, possible to communicate completely.
we assert therefore, that if we two beings can know each other's motive power, than our audience can also know it.
we assert that there is no distinction between the communication of two beings to create expression and between an expresser and an audience.
we assert therefore, that art is possible -- that art exists.
we assert therefore, that this work of ours is art.
we assert therefore, that our audience can hear this work as completely as we hear it.

therefore we must also assert that the widely held conclusion that an audience cannot completely know art is the enemy of art.
we must identify the root of this conclusion and we must engage in the appropriate therapy to relieve it.
we must attack this impediment.
this impediment to communication.
this speech impediment.
this lisp.


if { then } else { do } is now available for your listening pleasure,
thank you for listening.

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