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what privacy?

why do so many people think that Google Earth violates their privacy?
Google doesn't take the pictures.
Google doesn't pay to have the pictures taken.
Google pays for the use of existing pictures
which were already being taken prior to Google Earth.
you already had no privacy before Google came along.
why are so many people so obsessed with demonizing Google?
i don't think they're saving the world or anything,
but i don't get this bizarre, knee-jerk reaction to data-mining as a business model.
IT stands for Information Technology.
everything is about information.
but information has no value all by itself.
you have to -do- something with it,
and so far Google's doing that better than most people.
so how is this a bad thing?

if i have dozens of email conversations about midi-controllers,
i'm -thrilled- that gmail tells me where to buy them cheaper than i do now.
and since their ad serving system is completely automated,
no one at Google -knows- i want to buy midi-controllers.
no one's looked at the content of my email, no one cares!
they have better things to do.
like driving around -public- streets taking pictures
so that when i want directions to a new restaurant,
i can -see- where i'm going to go!
and this -also- doesn't violate anyone's privacy
because they're -public- roads,
and if you're on them when they snap the pictures,
you're -in public- and -have no privacy- anyway.

i just don't get it.

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